Set of Speedrun Notes by Dyne Nuitari
Video Reference (For a good Intermediate Route)

Beginner NotesThis set of notes are designed for beginners and to understand the concepts of Final Fantasy VI. Made to complete the game safely regardless of your skill.
Intermediate NotesThese notes are to be used after you have some knowledge on how the route works. These notes are based on puwexil’s route / FFMonk9’s 5:04:29 with slight changes but nothing drastic.
Expert NotesThis is the fastest route, but also the one where you need to get lucky and everything needs to line up. If things are not in your favor, you will die and there is no backup. Not recommended unless you go for WR and you are ready to reset a lot.

This category aims for the fatest completion of the game without using the following Glitches/Tricks below :

The routing of this category has been primarily done by puwexil. The idea of this category came from the Japanese community (Nico) who are banning the glitches above but they are using Battle Speed 1 Active instead of 6 (Which we use for Glitchless).

Legacy Notes
Speedrun Notes by TheSabin
Speedrun Notes by Odinsfall