This glitch allows you to equip two weapons without having the Genji Glove equipped after the Banquet.

At the end of the timed soldier talking segment of the banquet you need to:

  1.  Equip the Genji Glove on a character
  2.  Equip the desired weapons
  3.  Swap out the Genji Glove for another relic (or leave it empty)
  4.  Without leaving the relics screen wait for the timer to expire, sending you to the banquet scene with Gestahl.

If you did this correctly you will have two weapons equipped without a Genji Glove.

In a speedrun the there are two scenarios where you might want to do this:

  1. Equip two elemental sabres to Terra in order to increase her magic power for the IAF, guaranteeing her damage range is always high enough to 1-shot enemies. Most routes don’t do this because of selling sabres for money.
  2. Equip two thief knives on Locke to increase his speed. This would only happen if you got a Thief Knife from Dadaluma (rare drop).