The concept behind this trick is to trigger the counter attack of the shell when its ATB is full. The shell during this fight is in charge of triggering the head to hide. When attacking the shell with Fire Beam (Which has a 100% chance to counter attack) it will cast Mega Volt to either everyone or just 1 person. By counter attacking with its ATB Full, the AI is glitched and will not do anything for a long period of time. Eventually the ATB will get unstuck, but for this quick kill, you will have enough time to kill the head before it happens.

  • Heal Force is needed to heal Terra. If Mega Volt is being single targeted on Terra during the counter attack of the shell, she will die if not healed. Also Heal Force does not waste any time at all.
  • It is possible that 3 Tek Missile will not be enough if damage rolls are low. This is why it is good to queue a Bolt Beam on the Head just in case.
  • The worst thing that can happen during this fight is having Terra slimed on the first turn, which will affect the quick kill. There are setups that be done to still get it, but you will lose time no matter what you do.
  • Having Terra’s cursor on Fire at the end of the fight helps for the later fights if grinding is required.

If you are not comfortable doing the Quick Kill, you can always go for the safe strat.