ZoZo NPC Clip Example by TheLCC

Fast Stairs

If you land on stairs after a screen transition and if holding Left or Right, you will go up and down at Normal speed (Without the effect of the sprint shoes). You can fix that by, during the screen transition, buffer Up or Down to gain your Sprint Shoes speed back and will allow you to go down faster. It is hard to perform through the whole game because the “loading” of each screens can be different, also you could loose time if you are standing there for too long (Compared to just hold Left or Right).

Optimal South Figaro NPC Clip

Fast Escapes

In battles, if there is not enough enemies on the battle and too much party members (Usually when Number of Party Members is Higher than Number of Enemies, with some exceptions) while holding L and R, the game will not let you run away all at once. This trick was found by Kilaye. If you hit Def. at the right time, you can make you’re whole party run away all at once.
If you would like to practice this trick, add the cheat “422EB5A9 422EB600 422EB7EA” on emulator to have pre-emptives all the time. (Thanks Myself086 for the cheat)

Returner’s Hideout Genji Glove Frame Saver

Saying “NO” to Banon at least once allows us to get the Genji Gloves from the NPC in the Treasure Room. With good RNG, it is faster by a small amount to get the Gloves from the Treasure Room instead of the cutscene, but requires good RNG from the NPC so he is not too far out of the way. If you start chasing the guy, it is faster just to get them from the cutscene. Thanks for Fathlo23 for mentioning this trick.

Saving an Encounter Step using the Airship

While standing on the airship, pressing Up and A on the same frame saves a step.