Marshal Fight

There is 2 strats possible to skip all the fights during this scenario. Optimal is abusing a trick that allows up to walk pass by an NPC without triggering an encounter. As soon as you see the NPC moving his arm, you can start walking next to it. Need some practice but overall it is not hard at all. If you are not confortable with that strat, there is a baby strat that doesn’t make you walk next to them (slower but easier)

Terra’s Scenario Maze

This is very easy to do but it is worth mentioning. When doing Terra’s Scenario there is a maze where you need to walk a certain path (Showed by the game) in order to make it through. There is a small skip possible in that room that allows us to skip some of that. The trick is easy, Hold A (as shown in the video). If you are triggering an encounter or failed it, you can always run away/use a smoke bomb and try again.

Kefka At Narshe

There is 2 ways to proceed with this scenario, the optimal one, and the crazy one. The optimal one is very simple and straight forward. Most runners do it that way. The other strat called “The Thing” is where you can be crazy. If you get it, you save 8 seconds optimally, if you fail it, you lose a billion (because you will get additional encounters).

If you would like to learn “The Thing”, here is a guide for you below.