FF6 Map Warp: How to do it and somewhat how it works.

Nico user クッティー posted this video showing the glitch: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30870971

TheSabin showed this to me and I immediately started figuring out how it worked. With the help of Abyssonym, Myself086, Neerrrm, Liin1, and TheSabin we learned many things about it and tossed around multiple different route options. Over the past few days we eventually learned more about it, figuring out you can set coordinates outside of Kefka’s Tower and use them to warp straight to the end of it, bypassing the entire thing:


This only works in areas with multiple parties and have access to a save spot. Kefka’s Tower and the Phoenix Cave are the only known areas.

To perform the warp you do the following:

  1. Have any party on a save spot. Party 1 will be used as an example.
  2. Party 3 stores x/y coordinates of a character by moving them from the lead position to any other character slot then exiting the menu. You need to have prior knowledge of what location to do this in to get the desired result. In the video I had previously stored coordinates of 2 characters in Tzen by swapping them near the east edge of town.
  3. Party 3 goes to the map you want to warp on.
  4. Party 2 goes to the same map as the one you want to perfom the warp on with Party 3
  5. Switch back to Party 1, 2, then 3
  6. Without exiting the menu Party 3 swaps the character with the stored coordinates to the lead position then uses a TENT.
  7. Switch back to Party 1, 2, then 3.
  8. Party 3 should now be warped to the x/y coordinates you stored previously, but now on the new map.

Another scenario lets you warp two parties in a row by using tents with Party 2 and 3 then moving Party 1 to the same map as them after. This is what will be done in the speedrun.

So to break down the restrictions of the glitch:

-The previous party needs to be on the same map as the one being warped
-You need to have at least 2 characters in a party to be able to warp, you can’t switch leaders otherwise
-Random encounters will reset the position, so you need to set the coordinates then not get an encounter with that party after.
-Any instance of a character sprite being shown on screen, EXCEPT for the party selection, will reset their coordinates. This includes cutscenes such as the one that is shown on the first visit to Kefka’s Tower.
-When storing coordinates in towns the character being warped needs to be lower on the character index than the party leader you set for that group.

For example, party order selection shows this when creating groups for Kefka’s Tower:
Edgar, Celes, Setzer, Mog, Gau, Gogo

Characters to the left are higher in the index than characters to the right, so make sure the party leader appears to the left of the character warping.
If you set coordinates on Gau and Setzer you would need to have Edgar or Celes go with Setzer and Edgar, Celes, or Mog go with Gau.

RAM Addresses:
Map ID 7E1F64
X Coord 7E00AF
Y Coord 7E00B0

Mapping and ROM Editing tools:

Currently you can either set coordinates in Tzen on the east side of town or in Albrook in the upper mid section to warp everyone past Poltrgeist. The world map currently cannot be used to set coordinates.

Posted by TheLCC on MAR 26TH, 2017. Original Link : https://pastebin.com/4SNb3KL0